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Twitter analysis made easier

I was just sent a link to the following article on Gigaom: While the effectiveness of some of the charts presented is debatable, it was great a analysis overall – and you should definitely check it out. It also sounded

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microtrending tool update – compress your Twitter timeline into Top 5

‘Basic’ version is free, you can try it here: Now you can tell what it’s doing too – see status in the header:hat

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TV shows have a significant presence on Twitter

Looking at the different IPO- and $TWTR-related conversations taking place on Twitter now, we see that content owners like to use Twitter to engage their viewers (top portion of the graph). We can track those conversations.  Ask us how.

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Want good critique for your product? Show it to a group of outside marketers.

Last Monday, we were showing iTrend analytics tools to a group of professional marketers – who had not seen our product before.  Unlike tech people, who tend to be impressed by interesting visualizations or clever statistical analysis, these folks look

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iTrend Editions – sneak preview

Here’s a short screen recording of the latest build (best viewed at 720p quality setting): To request an invitation, visit Would love to hear your thoughts, Mike A. P.S. If you are wondering why I chose classical music, check out

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Dunkin’ for Customer Engagement and the Social Media Challenges of a Branded Franchise

DD wordcloud

Dunkin’ Donuts has been on a mission to increase customer engagement. Part of this effort  includes new product introductions, such as the recent national rollout of the Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich. The sandwich was supposedly created as a response to

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Interested in using iTrend’s newest data discovery and analytics platform? Request an invite.

The various statistics (like this lovely chart of key influencers in NSA- and PRISM-related discussions on Twitter) published on this blog  were collected and visualized using iTrend’s  data discovery and analytics platform: If you want to follow an interesting topic

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Visualizing #TEDMED 2013 social chatter

iTrend’s data discovery and social analytics platform is now available to select customers as a Technology Preview.  It includes the Pharma Edition of our data platform, geared towards pharmaceutical companies and healthcare organizations.  Healthcare interests us, so we are tracking

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#nowthatcherisdead Further Underscores the Importance of Thoughtful Hashtag Selections

April 9 is closing. I just checked Twitter and see a Tweet from 38 minutes ago lamenting the death of Cher using the hashtag #nowthatcherisdead. There were many confirmed reports from reliable sources that Margaret Thatcher had passed. Other than

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Social Media and Brands: How did the US’s 10th Largest Company Lose Control of its Brand?

HP, previously known as Hewlett-Packard, is a company primarily known for products such as printers and servers.  HP is also social media’s pet name for Harry Potter and HP is clearly losing the battle to Harry Potter. Today HP made

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