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Data Loss Prevention through Big Data analysis

With Stratfor still in the news after a massive security breach (you can read about it here), information security professionals should be looking into Big Data technologies. While it’s relatively easy to secure a web server, a database, or an iso…

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  • testing Twitter's new timeline algorithm: if you're seeing this tweet, please RT. Your kindness shall be rewarded. 8 hours ago
  • @GlennF since I do a diff kind of twitter analytics, I'd be very interested in troubleshooting your numbers. Let's discuss offline. 8 hours ago
  • @PainResource why me? :) 8 hours ago
  • @GlennF btw, I've had accounts with several million followers RT something, and I would get 3 clicks and 2 new followers. 8 hours ago
  • @GlennF more research is needed, will be happy to look into this. 1 thing is true, those Twitter impressions ain't the same as page views 8 hours ago

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